Monday, January 16, 2012

The Rebel Spell

The Rebel Spell's a hardcore band that hails from Vancouver, and they're catchy as shit.. I was pretty much sold to these guys very recently (but they've been around since 2002) by a friend and this video. I love this video; it beautifully invokes all I love about hardcore.


So these three hipster looking dudes are The Bill Cosby Anarchist Society. Apparently Bill's camp sent a cease and desist order to these guys threatening to sue-what over thier use of his name, what a fucking douche. Anyway they play a kind of hardcore Garage music hybrid. Its too ironic to be hardcore but too heavy to be honest garage music. Think Raw Power, if Iggy was a huge fan of the ninja turtles and sang songs about Mortal Kombat. I actually had zero desire to see these guys, I mean come on; irony is dead. But these guys put on such an energetic live show that I was completely sold too it, and fell under their spell.