Sunday, July 29, 2012

Holy Cobras

New Swears/Swollen Eyes

So the first pic is a scan of the split tape from swollen eyes and New swears. New swears is the remnants of the Rat tails, they play the same type of dingy, catchy as fuck garage rock that the previous band played just a lot tighter and more focused. Swollen eyes is a two member band (guitar and drums) playing a noisy, scummy, drunk, minimalist garage rock. Its catchy, fun and lofi as fuck just the way garage rock needs to be.

By the way the cover pic isn't make up, that's a member of the new swears, I was told he was jumped while walking out at night. Apparently the rest of the band went out, found the guys who jumped him and kicked there asses. This is what I was told at the show.

The show itself was pretty good, unfortunately I missed the first set, then during the start of the New swears set my camera decided to die on me. So I didn't get many pics of New Swears. Also their amp blew like five minutes in, so they went outside in the back yard and started to do an acoustic set, that's when the police decided to show up. Fuck the Police!



Saturday, July 21, 2012

Brutal Youth

These guys put on an energetic as fuck show. highly recommend checking them out if you have the chance.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

House of Targ, Ottawa Explosion and some random shits Pt 1

So as usual my crippling poverty kept me from enjoying the bulk of the Ottawa Explosion weekend. I was able to see two shows, one at the house of Targ and a small free show at Vertigo Records. I all I was able to see 11 bands for ten Dollars a pretty fucking good deal if you ask me. So This is a jumbled mass of bands in no real particular order.

Swollen Eyes

Shot Nerves

Naughty Girls

Night Birds

The Omegas

The Slobs

I took over a thousand pictures in one day so I'll have a bunch more, hopefully in a more organized format with more info on the bands.So watch out for part two.