Friday, December 2, 2011

Dead lights.

How do I describe Dead Lights? I've tried many times to describe this unique band to friends, family and total strangers but I always seem to come up short. Its not that they have a weird concept or even that they cross so many genres; its more that they sit in a place that seems just outside genre conventions. Hardcore? maybe. Post punk? Sure. Some kind of hybrid? I guess. The Band describes themselves as Gloom punk. I'd say that is a pretty good place to start. They kind of sound like a crusty shoe gaze type band with that driving bass and drum combo you get in allot of post punk music. 

I once asked their singer/guitarist Jersey how Dead lights came to be. He said they originally wanted to start a pop punk band (all three members of Dead lights are/were in numerous bands at this time) but that it kind quickly took on a style all its own. Unfortunately they formed and disbanded in almost the same year leaving behind a single five song demo tape. The demo is pretty good and I listen to it almost constantly, but to truly get the full effect of Dead Lights you have to see them live. Unfortunately I doubt there will ever be a Dead lights Reunion on the horizon. 

Editors note: Dude how many times did you use the bands name in this article? And is unfortunately your favourite word or something? Get a fucking thesaurus.

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