Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Thee Nodes

This is Thee Nodes. All I know about them is they come from Montreal (there might be a couple of Ottawa natives in there) and they are fucking crazy as shit live. 

So a few words on the show. The guys putting on the show asked everyone to take of their shoes, so I obliged and went sans shoes for the first set. Huge mistake, because a bunch of people kept their shoes on and my feet got stomped on by big guys in boots, to the point that the toe nail on my baby toe was ripped completely off. during the first band's (Asile) set. The space was super small (a basement) and very hot and humid. During the second set I had to worm my way to the front to get any shots of the second band (Shot Nerves). When I finally got to a good shooting position my camera lens fogged all to shit because of the extreme heat and humidity. I did a photo shoot  in between sets (Asile and Shot Nerves) with the guys from Lost Youth. We decided to take some pictures behind some kind of community centre, and while shooting  two crack-heads hurled homophobic insults our way and threatened to kill us. One of them was clearly carrying a knife (I never saw it but you just sense these things) so we got out of there went back to the show and watched Thee Nodes play. While watching them ans shooting pictures the singer kicked me in the head (accidently) and thew a half full beer can at my camera (hit it). 

Thee Nodes. He is grabbing my pants and trying to pull them off., just seconds before he kicked me in the head.

Btw, this is not a complaint about the show. It was fucking awesome and well worth losing a toenail.

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