Friday, February 8, 2013

Prints Prints Prints.

If any of you are interested in having a framed print of any of the pictures on this blog, now is your chance. Each print will be 12x18 (you can get larger but the price will increase.) mounted in a black frame (unframed is optional as well.)

The cost of a print will be:

FRAMED: 150$ (12 inches x 18 inches)
UNFRAMED: 75$ (12 x 18)

If you want smaller or larger we can figure out pricing.

If you want a print email me at:

Give me your name, a description of the picture you want (along with the band name) and a shipping address or delivery details, and how you wish to pay.

I take cash, cheque and Paypal.

This shit is expensive for me, I do this because I love it and I want to keep doing it. 

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