Sunday, April 8, 2012


Cromagnon was an american experimental band in the late sixties. Experimental, is kind of an understatement as you can hear from possibly the most famous track off of thier only album Orgasm (Re-released in 2000 as Cave Rock) Some say this is a pre curser to noise rock and industrial, and claim they were thirty years ahead of their time.Others say at best they were a few years ahead of the curve, as bands such as Comus and Spirogyra et al were closer kin to Cromagnon then say the industrial music of the late eighties.

The beauty of this album is not that it is so far ahead of its time; but that it is in fact A-historical. There is no precedent for this music. Listen to the album and try to place it within a historical context of pop culture. It doesn't fit. It is simply music without context.

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  1. whenever i see a reference to this song, my heart grows one size. rare find, that.