Friday, April 6, 2012


I'm trying to not be clichéd in describing Local D-beat band Asile, nor do I want want to start gushing like a drooling fan boy, but fuck do they put on an intense fucking show. I've seen them maybe half a dozen times by now and I've never been disappointed or let down, I've given up chances to see much more famous bands just to see Asile play a show. Fuck I'd probably skip out early on my impending wedding just to see these guys (Luckily they're not playing the weekend of my wedding, cause my Fiancée would cut my balls off and thus it would be a question of: Am I willing to lose my balls to see Asile? Answer. No.) From what I've heard they just finished recording an album (Don't quote me on that) that I highly recommend you purchase. Don't pass up on the chance to see these guys play, you'll never regret it.
Taken in the McLaren House basement.

Taken at the house of Targ.

This is from the show where I lost my Baby toe nail. Sacrificed to the Gods of Punk.

Taken at the legion of Doom.
Also I feel terrible that I never seem to get their drummer in any of the photographs actually I never seem to get the drummers in any shots, Sorry guys I'll try better in the future.

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